Cookie 5 Highlights

Protection from tracking and online profiling.

Simple but Powerful

Simple enough for even the most technophobic computer users, yet Cookie 5 makes no compromises for power users. After a quick initial setup, Cookie 5 will protect your privacy, keeping you safe from tracking and online profiling just the way you want.

Tracking cookie detection

Advanced detection and removal of spying and tracking cookie threats. Select favorite domains for all cookie types to completely customise your browsing experience. Setup automatic removal schedules for even better peace of mind.

Secure data removal

Configure Cookie 5 to securely delete data to protect from in-house privacy concerns. Data is destroyed to US Department of Defense DoD 5220.22-M standards, making data recovery impossible.

Comprehensive cookie control

Total control over all cookie storage: HTTP cookies, Flash cookies, Silverlight, HTML5 databases, localStorage, IndexedDB as well as browser history and caches. Rest assured Cookie 5 has all your private data covered.

Cookie 5 Tutorials

Getting the most out of Cookie5.

Getting logged out of your favorites sites?

A quick tutorial showing how to whitelist tracking cookies to retain login details.

Upgrading from Cookie4 to Cookie5?

A quick tutorial showing how to best manage your favorites when upgrading.

Cookie 5 Screenshots

Advanced cookie management made easy.

Advanced cookie management

Fine grained cookie control.

Simplified cookie management

Leave everything up to Cookie

Highly configurable

Browser specific configuration.

Cookie 5 Upgrade Questions

Upgrading from Cookie 4?

Whats new?

Cookie 5 had so much change its hard to keep track of it all, but here are some of the most noticable changes and improvements. Cookie 5 is now sandboxed, and there are now two selectable interfaces - The Advanced view,and the Simple view. The Advanced view is similar to Cookie 4. The Simple view is all new, and makes cookie management super simple;just adjust the slider and let Cookie take care of everything. All cookie types are now grouped into one window (Advanced view) - but don't worry the old Cookie 4 style is still available as an option in Preferences if thats what you prefer. The preferences have been moved out into their own Preferences window and more clearly organised. Each browser now has the possibility of its own custom removal and timer schedules. Cookie 5 now recognises more browsers, and more data types than ever before. Global hotkeys can be configured, as can notifications, along with the addition of a global pause button.

What about all my Cookie 4 favorites?

So much changed in Cookie 5 that something had to give... Cookie 5 can import some of your Cookie 4 favorites. But as I mentioned, so much changed that it was just not possible to bring all data accross to Cookie 5. Check out the video above for a better method of retaining your favorites.

The Whitelist has been completely rewritten, and is not compatiable in any way shape or form.... sorry about that... It had to be done. The Blacklist was removed as it just didnt make sense to keep it anymore with the new sub-domain favoriting.

Why do I have to pay again?

To cut a long story short, it took me close to a year to finish Cookie 5!
A year... thats ridiculous!
I know... but to enable Cookie to stay in the Mac App Store, Cookie 5 needed to be sandboxed - there was no way around it. Apple has been very generous allowing Cookie 4 to stay in the store (as it is un-sandboxed), but to be able to give Cookie 5 the attention it really deserved it needed to be sandboxed as per Apple's guidelines. This was no mean feat, and sandboxing Cookie 5 consumed most of my time. Safari's binaryCookie file for instance needed to be reverse engineered as all official access was removed in El Capitan. This alone took months of work, staring at binary data with only this incomplete guide as reference. And to be honest, I almost gave up...

Is there an upgrade price?

For anyone who purchased Cookie 4 after Dec 1 2015 the upgrade to Cookie 5 is Free, just contact me for a license or a Mac App Store upgrade code. For everyone else standard pricing applies (feel free to email me for any special pricing). Cookie does go on sale from time to time, and you can follow SweetP Productions on Twitter for notifications.

Cookie 5 Questions

A quick introduction to Cookies, and your right to privacy.

What are cookies?

Cookies are used by websites to store data on your computer, which can be then transmitted back to the server. For example, cookies can store such information as shopping cart contents, login data, search history or browsing history. This data whilst mostly harmless, and even useful - can potentially be shared amongst different websites - effectively tracking exactly where you go, what you search for and creating an online profile of you for targeting marketing.

Why should I remove them?

Because it's your data, your privacy! Your browsing habits shouldn't be up for sale to the highest bidder. Company X doesn't need to know you searched for products from company Y three weeks ago. And company Z doesn't need to know you just bought a pair of fluffy pink rabbit slippers from company X. These companies would all argue that it makes YOUR life easier knowing all this information about you. But in reality its just an invasion of your privacy.

Why use Cookie 5?

Cookies come in a number of different forms: HTTP cookies, Flash cookies, Isolated Storage, Local Storage, Databases, IndexedDB's etc... and Cookie 5 takes away the headache of managing all of these.

Just set it and forget it. After a quick 5min setup, Cookie will automatically remove all your private data to whatever schedule you choose. It couldn't be easier!

What does Cookie 5 support?

  • macOS 10.11 or better (Mojave recommended)
  • Safari, Safari Technology Preview, Chrome, Chrome Canary, Firefox, Firefox Nightly, Firefox Developer Edition, Chromium, Opera, Vivaldi, Brave
  • Localised for English, German, French, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese and Japanese

Cookie Reviews

Don't take our word for it, see what others are saying about Cookie.

Valuable tool

by Oallis - Version 5.2.3 - March 01, 2017 - United States

If you care about your privacy, it’s worth some time and effort to keep your private information private. Tools like this make it possible.

Outstanding Customer service

by hamcap - Version - 5.2.1 - Jan 16, 2017 - United States

I was pleasantly surprised with the level of communication from the developer. I had questions regarding an upgrade on Sierra and got a very fast response back with resolution on a Friday night. That’s the way to run a business. Well done.

It's essential software

by queentakesbishop - Version - 5.2.1 - Dec 1, 2016 - United Kingdom

Now supports more browsers or variations of existing browsers than previous versions and still does everything that has made me a huge fan of it since I discovered it. Wouldn’t want to be without it!


by kikila61 - Oct 21, 2016 - France

This application is perfect to finely control the cookies we collect browsing the internet. It is an almost indispensable application for managing cookies when using multiple browsers